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  1. Plevier Laptop Sleeve Brown 561 Plevier Laptop Sleeve Brown 561 Sale

    Plevier Babbage laptop sleeve/bag 15.6 inch brown

    Special Price €59.00 Regular Price €129.00
  2. Plevier Basalt business bag 15.6 inch brown Plevier Basalt business bag 15.6 inch brown Sale

    Plevier Basalt business bag 15.6 inch brown

    Special Price €99.00 Regular Price €179.00
  3. Plevier Basalt business bag 15.6 inch cognac Plevier Basalt business bag 15.6 inch cognac Sale

    Plevier Basalt business bag 15.6 inch cognac

    Special Price €99.00 Regular Price €179.00
  4. Plevier Cairn briefcase 15.6 inch cognac Plevier Cairn briefcase 15.6 inch cognac Sale

    Plevier Cairn briefcase 15.6 inch cognac

    Special Price €175.00 Regular Price €279.00

Items 1-30 of 84

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Laptop bags

Nowadays a laptop bag is indispensable. You can carry a laptop with you wherever you go. A business leather laptop bag can be worn both casual and formal. To be able to transport your laptop with confidence and offer protection, a leather bag offers an excellent solution. A good laptop bag is both comfortable and protective while traveling, but also fits with your clothing style.

Product range: Women's laptop bags | Men's laptop bags | Leather laptop bags

Leather laptop bag

A leather laptop bag is durable and sturdy. With the leather product you can assume that you are purchasing a quality product that offers robustness and protection. At Plevier we use the highest-quality leather from the industry. Leather is durable and has a high level of finish. This actually ensures that your leather laptop bag only gets more beautiful over time. Sustainable means that the lifespan of the laptop bag is very long. Leather is naturally a protective product against the weather. It also protects your laptop and things from bumps and scratches.

In addition to the protection function, it is also important that a bag is stylish. Quality, authenticity and innovation are very important to Plevier alongside style. A leather laptop bag is both stylish and practical, making it suitable for almost any occasion. A leather bag is a product that you can enjoy for many years. The leather laptop bags from Plevier are both available for men als voor women

How to determine the right laptop bag?

The basic function of a laptop bag is to provide protection. But where do you start by finding a suitable laptop bag?

It is of course important that the size of your laptop fits in the bag. The laptop size is always indicated with inches. Plevier has a suitable bag for almost every inch. This ensures that your laptop will actually fit in the laptop bag you have chosen.

Inch sizes : 12 inch | 13 inch14 inch | 15 inch | 15.6 inch | 17 inch | 17.3 inch

The inches indicate the diagonal size of the laptop screen. We always recommend that you measure your laptop and compare it to the laptop compartment inches that are displayed on the product pages. Laptop bags come in different types. If you travel every day by car or train, a standard laptop bag or sleeve is suitable. For women we also have a handbag, shoulder bag, shopper or tote bag. If you often travel by bicycle, a backpack or messenger bag can be a good solution. In the end, the color is also important. The leather bags from Plevier are available in black, brown, anthracite, cognac and taupe. The bags of Plevier go with any style: cool, trendy, professional and more.

A multifunctional laptop bag

The leather laptop bags from Plevier are not only stylish, but also functional. A Plevier laptop bag has one or more spacious main compartments with an integrated padded laptop compartment that fits your laptop. The multifunctional pockets ensure that you have enough space for storing your cables, adapter, mouse, mobile phone, pens, business cards, USB stick or other documents. Besides this, there are also bags with 2 zippers at the back that slides over wheeled luggage for on-the-go convenience .

The various closures ensure that the bag can be closed properly. For example, use is made of YKK zippers and a very good quality block lock with a separate key. These ensure that the main compartment can always be closed properly. In addition, all laptop bags come with an extra loose shoulder strap, which means, among other things, the briefcase and business bag are easy to carry on the shoulder. These shoulder straps are also equipped with a comfortable shoulder pad, which is very pleasant for your shoulder.

Buy a Plevier laptop bag

When buying a Plevier laptop bag you are assured of years of pleasure. Whatever style you are looking for, there is always a suitable bag at Plevier

Our laptop bags are made from the highest quality leather. Leather is durable, but needs to be maintained. As a buyer of a leather laptop bag, you naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Good maintenance will make the laptop bag more beautiful over the years. But what is the best way to care for your leather laptop bag? After purchase you will have the option to choose to add our maintenance spray. This multi-spray takes care of, protect and refresh your bag. Spray the bag 2 or 3 times immediately after purchase, with a 20 minute interval. You have then applied a protective layer against rain and dirt for the first time. Our advice is to repeat this every two months for optimum protection.

Can't find your size laptop bag? The Plevier bags are all provided with an inch size in the name. You can also easily use our filter function on the left side of the page. Any questions? Please contact  our customer service. We are happy to help you find your perfect Plevier leather laptop bag.

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