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Complaints & warranty


We provide a two-year warranty on our bags and sleeves if used under normal circumstances. Wear and tear of leather and lining, broken zippers, an accident, theft, misuse and other defects caused by improper use, which cannot be blamed on the selling party, are not covered by the warranty and are therefore not reimbursed. 


Are you not satisfied with a bag or sleeve that you've purchased on and do you think that you can therefore claim our 2 warranty? Then contact us by emailing us at Describe the complaint in this e-mail, add a number of clear photos and the purchase receipt or order number. This way we can process your complaint faster. We strive to contact you within 2 working days to find a suitable solution. That may be that we are going to repair or replace the item. If the item is no longer in our collection, we will offer another item. If we cannot find a solution based on the photos, we"ll ask you to send the product to us for observation and / or repair. If the bag or sleeve was purchased through one of our dealers, you can contact them with your purchase receipt. They will then contact us further.

If your bag or sleeve is no longer under warranty, we can have it repaired for you with original Plevier parts. For this, contact, describe the complaint and add clear photos of the bag or sleeve.